Mess Free Summer Snacks to Keep Your Carpet Clean in Stockton CA (2019)
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Summer snacks can get messy! A melty ice-cream cone or a drippy Popsicle can both leave terrible stains on your carpet. To keep your kids happy and your carpet clean, we are providing you with the top 20 mess free Summer snacks of 2019 in Stockton CA.

frozen green grapes to keep carpet clean in Stockton CA

1. Frozen Grapes (remember to half them or quarter them if you have young kids)

2. Granola bars  (not the crumby kind!)

3. Cheese puffs

4. Apple Slices (they have minimal juice and can be cooled in the fridge)

5. Fruit leather

6. Dried Fruit

banana chips shaped like a heart

7. Ants on a log (celery strips with peanut butter on them, raisins placed on top to look like 'ants'- cute and delicious!)

8. String cheese

9. Sugar snap peas (perhaps nature's sweetest vegetable)

snap peas in a wicker basket

10. Fruit Snacks (a sweet treat!)

11. Turkey or Beef Jerky

12. Vegetable Sticks

pile of carrots in Stockton CA

13. Bananas

14. Energy Bites

15. Veggie Straws

16. Pickles (just make sure  to dry off the juice first)

pickles in a bowl for mess free summer snacks in Stockton CA

17. Banana pancakes (silver dollar size pancakes are easy to hold and mess free)

18. Cinnamon Waffles (mix a little cinnamon into your waffle mix. Cinnamon adds a little flavor, but will be mess free. A round waffle makes a quick snack! Add oats to the mix for a little extra texture)

19. Mixed nuts (yes nuts can get spilled, but the fact that they are dry and can’t drip or stain makes them okay for cleanup)

20. Canned Olives (easily accessible and fun to eat! Anyone remember doing E.T. fingers as a kid? Remember to halve them if you have little ones at home)

mixed nuts

These mess free snacks will help keep your carpets cleaner, longer this Summer. If you do find yourself indulging in a snack or treat that is not so clean, call Mark Ray's Chem-Dry II of Stockton to clean up the mess! (209) 957-8530