How To Make Your Living Room Look Bigger
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Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Pick a stylish mirror for your living room. The reflection of a mirror makes a room look bigger. Hang a mirror above the fireplace or sofa.

mirror in living room in Merced CAmirror in living room in Merced CA

Light and bright color schemes

Choose a light color scheme to open up the room. If you are worried about little finger prints on the wall, consider a pastel color or light cream instead of a true white.

light colored couch and living room color scheme in Merced CA

Sofa styles matter

Choose furniture with lifted legs. Furniture that is lifted extends the room and makes it appear bigger and more airy.

couch with lifted legs in Merced CAyellow furniture with lifted legs in Merced CA

Lights camera action!

Lighting changes the mood of a room almost instantly. If you have access to natural light- use it! Keep curtains back and windows open.

If you don't have much natural light, look into light fixtures. Spread lighting throughout the living room to brighten the space and make it look bigger.

living room decor in Merced cA

Cleanup cleanse

The less stuff in your living room, the bigger it looks. Go through your decor, magazines, and knick knacks until all you have left is the essentials. 

simple living room in Merced CA

Bring in the vacuum

Keep carpets clear and clean. Make sure to vacuum regularly. If you have any carpet stains, call Mark Ray's Chem-Dry to remove them. A carpet or rug that is clean looks bigger than a room broken up by spots.

black vacuum on blue carpet in Merced CA