Carpet Cleaning

"Mark and Andrew were just here and did the carpeting. It always looks so nice when they have been here. Very good work ethics and they are both really nice, professional guys. Highly recommend......they are the only service I will use!" - Candi C. of Stockton, CA

"I highly recommend [Mark Ray's Chem-Dry]. They were professional, efficient, and very personable they also arrived within  their designated time window. I am very pleased with the end results. Will definitely use them in the future." - Sherry P. of Stockton, CA

"After successfully spilling my entire large pumpkin spiced latte on all of our Christmas presents and the carpet, we called Mark Ray's Chemdry on Christmas Eve day to see if we could schedule a visit the day after Christmas.  They came on Christmas Eve day!  Great guys, great service, great prices." - Katie V. of San Francisco, CA

"I had used Coit for years but found it took a long time to dry and stains reappeared very quickly.  When I switched to Mar Ray's Chemdry, the carpet was dry and able to be walked on very quickly.  The stains did not come back.  I would highly recommend this type of cleaning if you have been using a steam cleaning process." - Carol S. of Stockton, CA

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